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DraftStar.  Official High Performance Talent Partner of the AFL.


At DraftStar, we offer nationally run football development programs which provide high performance coaching for young athletes aged 11 to 17.


Our programs are designed to improve young athletes of all abilities on and off the field in an authentic AFL environment…we are totally the real deal.


So, what makes us stand out from the pack?

  1. All DraftStar programs are developed and run by past and present AFL players...we know the drill and have an intimate understanding of what it takes to play football at elite levels.
  2. We are the only training organisation authorised to use AFL 60 testing protocols, so participants can benchmark their performance for their age, their position and against AFL expectations.
  3. We link in with the AFL and Australian Institute of Sport talent development team to ensure seamless integration into development pathways, if that’s what floats your boat.


And also, it's heaps of fun. 


Whether you are looking for ways to give yourself the best chance of playing elite level footy, or you want to improve yourself on and off the field, or you simply just love your footy, DraftStar has a program for you.


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My 12 year old son attended his first DraftStar camp help in October this year.  His experience was fantastic from finish to end, he actually didn't want it to end. I believe the camp has changed his outlook on not only with his football but his education. It has given him the tools to set personal goals and the courage to step out of his comfort zone and challenge himself.  He is already planning his next camp and we are hoping he can become a member of the DraftStar Academy.  A brilliant job from every member of the DraftStar Team.  Thank you for the experience.





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In safe hands

The evolution of football has seen the handball evolve from a secondary skill to the kick to one which is just as highly regarded and almost as frequently executed.