DraftStar Star Camps.


DraftStar Star Camps feature AFL skills and drills designed by DraftStar's Ambassadors, and are solely focussed on what makes the best players in the game elite.


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At DraftStar, we run both residential and non-residential footy camps every school holidays around Australia.  One day Star Camps are for boys and girls of all abilities between the ages of 10 and 15, while the Residential (Assumption College 2 day Camps) are for athletes between 11 - 17 – the only must have items are a love of footy and a desire to be your best.  You will be grouped according to age and ability, so the program can be tailored to get the maximum improvement out of everyone that attends.


DraftStar Camps are a real AFL experience.  They are run by past AFL players along with DraftStar accredited Coaches, and use the latest in AFL testing procedures and training techniques (testing only at 2 day Assumption Star Camp).  If you have ambitions to play in the AFL, it’s the perfect way to see what it takes to get there and to talk to those who made it.


Registering 2 or more athletes from one family is even better.  Each additional kid receives 50% discount off the camp cost.  Call us in the office on 03 9020 5655 and we’ll take your booking.



DraftStar Star Camp Fundamentals.


DraftStar Star Camps focus on five core areas:

  1. Elite level skills and fitness development: We are the only group authorised to conduct AFL standardised testing that can identify individual strengths and weaknesses (only at 2 day Assumption Star Camp). Elite level coaching techniques are then used to develop athletes skill wise using AFL drills designed by our AFL ambassadors.
  2. Football education: A mixture of match simulation and classroom sessions are conducted to increase general Football knowledge and to help athletes who attend understand the game of AFL like the elite players.
  3. Character and leadership development: These are top of the list for AFL recruiters. DraftStar Star Camps focus heavily on developing each athlete as a young man or woman so that when they leave the program they have gained life skills as well as Football skills. Each Camp has one specific leadership focus which may include: public speaking, team work, communications skills or goal setting.
  4. Preparation:  DraftStar Star Camps have a truly holistic approach, each Camp focuses on one aspect of an AFL Footballer's preparation. This may include sessions on: nutrition, hydration and recovery, warm ups, rehab or strength training.
  5. Fun:  We never lose sight of the fact that the athletes who come to our camps are kids who love their footy. Life-long friendships will be forged at DraftStar Star Camps, with memories to last a lifetime.



*Present players are subject to availability and DraftStar cannot promise that current AFL players will be in attendance at every event.


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DraftStar was able to give me hope and vastly increased my chances of getting drafted. I did the same testing done in the National Combine and my results were sent out to all AFL teams. It was very professional and run very well. I thank DraftStar as I may not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.




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